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RAM offer an extensive range of revolutionary industrial-strength mounting solutions for a wide variety of mobile electronics used within the fleet, warehouse & logistics sectors. Featuring patented interchangeable vibration resistant rubber ball & socket systems that provide an inventively simplistic solution to mounting and adjusting any mobile device in any environment – RAM products deliver a unique and unrivalled concept to a number of vital applications worldwide.


From smartphones, GPS and action cameras to tablets, rugged systems, PDA’s and more; with the ability to connect any device to any surface utilising a vast product range of over 3000 interchangeable components, with a lifetime warranty included RAM mounts are the logical choice for any profession user. The ball & socket design enables the user to easily adjust the angle and orientation of the mount simply by loosning the connecting arm, repositioning the device and then re-tightening the arm. Using a 3-part system; the base component connects your mount to the desired surface, the holder securely holds your device in place and the connecting arm joins the two allowing for unbeatable maneouvorability.

Boasting a large selection of pre-assembled mounting kits and the flexibility to design your own bespoke solution, whether you require a univesal mount to hold several devices or a custom form fitting holder, the RAM product range aims to provide the perfect mounting solution for any device into any environment.

With the release of our brand new IntelliSkin™ systems, RAM has completely redesigned the protective case and mobile docking market with one simple, game-changing product line. Designed for a wide array of Apple and Samsung smartphones and tablets, the IntelliSkin™ incorperates integrated universal contact docking and charging with GDS Technology™. Eradicating the need for multiple chargers, docking stations and messy wires, the IntelliSkin™ brings all of your devices together and – when combined with RAM mounting solutions – offers the ultimate one-stop shop for a professional, convenient working environment to ensure that your business runs smoother than even before.

From warehouse admin to order-picking and delivery, combining the IntelliSkin™ and RAM mounting systems unites simplicity and productivity like never before.

Tel: 02087552881

Email: sales@ram-mount.co.uk


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