Following the successful installation of the first 200 interior high bay lights, AMTEK Aluminium Casting is adding EasiLume’s exterior LED lighting to its new foundry in Kidderminster.


“AMTEK’s new foundry will cost a huge amount to run,” says Stuart Dixon, EasiLume Head of Sales. “LED lighting will help reduce that running cost by £114,000/year, so despite the higher initial investment, the payback period could be as little as 15 months.

AMTEK is fully refurbishing a 130,000 square foot warehouse in Kidderminster using EasiLume’s LED throughout the building. The project includes high bay, office, and external lighting.

AMTEK Project Manager, Paul Wealls says: “The first batch of high bays went up in the foundry in April and there are more than 400 still left to go up. After getting great service and support from EasiLume in this early part of the project, we asked Stuart to make some suggestions for the exterior lighting too. We really like what we saw, the products were exactly what we were after. Stuart was quick to respond and, as always, came back with some great suggestions – EasiLume made it a really easy decision.”

The external lighting plan consists of 60 floodlights, 10 12 metre columns and a series of street lights for the carpark.

“Refurbishing the foundry is a huge project,” concludes Stuart. “It’s great to be a part of it. We’re really looking forward to seeing the finished project.”

Stuart Dixon, Head of Sales

Tel: 0333 800 5555

Twitter: @EasiLume

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