Warehousing and storage operations cover a wide range of activities and equipment use that can result in various safety hazards. Effective health and safety management involves looking at risks that arise in the workplace and putting robust measures in place to manage them.


Good to Go Safety is an equipment tagging and inspection system that will prove an invaluable addition to your safety and maintenance management procedures – protecting your most valuable asset, your employees, in addition to your premises, goods, equipment and reputation.

Good to Go Safety was developed to aid employers meet their obligations under PUWER (The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998) which places legal requirements on companies to provide, inspect, maintain and operate safe work equipment

Graham Halliday, product manager, explains “We wanted a simple solution that would provide: essential pre-use equipment checks; records of all completed inspections for management/maintenance programmes; a visual indication that a check had been completed; and the flexibility for the user to determine the frequency of inspections”.

Good to Go Safety delivers on all levels and offers the ideal answer to warehouse equipment management with checklists available for forklifts, racking, stepladders, fleet vehicles and our latest pallet truck addition.

A status tag is attached to each piece of equipment, displaying a Do Not Use message until such time that a check is completed; a checklist is used to carry out the inspection, with a duplicate copy automatically created and retained as part of your audit trail; the completed checklist is signed and dated before being placed inside the tag to clearly indicate when equipment is Good to Go.

It is a simple concept but highly effective and easy to implement. By introducing proactive inspection regimes, not only do you reduce the potential for accidents but you can also save money by identifying faults early, before they develop into a costly repair.

Available as individual components or in kit format (containing everything required for a year of daily or weekly checks), the system is flexible to meet the needs of ever changing workplace environments and their accompanying risk assessments.

A new e-commerce website makes it easier than ever to ensure workplace equipment remains good to go.


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