Lifdek Corporation licenses the most cost efficient corrugated pallet technology available to customers and distributors. The developer of a revolutionary site-assembled corrugated pallet, they recently partnered with Veritiv, a 9,500 employee packaging company, for roll-out of the new pallets and assembly machines throughout the US and Canada. The Company now has its sights set on expansion into the UK.

Lifdek-&-3-Pallets-V2-jpg[2]Lifdek™ pallets are expected to provide the lowest total cost-per-use shipping platform ever developed. Historically, packaging has converted from wood to corrugated paper, and pallets are the last frontier. Cost and capacity were the remaining hurdles that needed to be overcome in order to be a viable alternative for high volume product manufacturers. Lifdek solved these issues with a new corrugated pallet constructed from two flat blanks that easily fold together without the use of adhesives or staples and with a single low cost machine that can be used to assemble hundreds of different pallet sizes in under a minute.

Joseph Danko, President of Lifdek, said “Customers are now capable of producing their own pallets on-site using two die cut blanks that they receive directly from a local corrugated provider of their choice. Lifdek’s assembly tables and machines allow these two blanks to be fully assembled in as little as thirty seconds to produce an inexpensive, strong and environmentally-friendly corrugated pallet.”

Lifdek pallets were specifically developed to address the needs of the largest section of the pallet market, fast moving consumables. Incoming pallet freight and pallet storage costs are reduced by nearly 90% because Lifdek pallets are received and stored flat. Lifdek pallets are recycled by the end receiver with other old corrugated containers, generating recycling revenue, rather than accumulating and storing for pick up. This one-way shipping approach eliminates the chance of cross contamination from prior use, providing substantial safety benefits for grocery and pharmaceutical applications.

Lifdek licenses the pallet technology to distributors and customers, which procure their blanks directly from their local corrugated board provider. Licensees have access to numerous pallet sizes, with new sizes available typically in 2-3 days. The Lifdek pallet assembly machines are easy to operate and allow assembly speeds in as little as thirty seconds, roughly 200,000 pallets per year on one shift. Use of the machines is made free with a $15K deposit, which is refundable based on pallet purchases.