Thorlux Starbeam floodlights have been installed at the Weetabix manufacturing and distribution facility in Northamptonshire. The external lighting at the site needed an upgrade as a number of fittings, a mixture of 150W & 250W SON luminaires, had failed or were coming to the end of their life.


The new Starbeam range of precision engineered LED area floodlights was the ideal solution for lighting the car park areas. The Starbeam takes external lighting to a new dimension in terms of efficiency (up to 109 lumens per circuit watt) and longevity (up to 100,000 hours). This is achieved through significant investment in high quality die-cast heat sinks and in house manufactured printed circuit boards positioning the very latest top brand LEDs within precise acrylic lenses. These individual lenses direct the light downwards where it is needed for increased uniformity, for either area or roadway distribution.

The IP66 enclosure excludes water, dust, dirt and insects maintaining optical efficiency throughout the product’s lifetime.


200 Starbeam 62w floodlights with integral photocells were installed. The luminaires were retro fitted onto existing columns and wall fixings using the Thorlux range of column adapters, spigots, reducers and wall mount plates. The combined use of high power white LED’s and photocell control have produced energy savings of 75% and seen a noticeable improvement in the lit environment.

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