Energy efficient lighting specialist Lutterworth Ecolighting is looking to save Naylor Drainage Ltd over £59,000 a year with its newly installed lighting solution at the company’s head office in Cawthorne, South Yorkshire.


Naylor Drainage Ltd is a leading British manufacturer of building and construction products, specialising in clay pipes, plastic drainage and ducting as well as concrete products. The manufacturer is committed to making annual reductions to its carbon emissions and energy consumption, and has formed a dedicated Green Team, which initiated the lighting project.

Earlier this year Lutterworth Ecolighting replaced the existing lighting systems at Naylor’s head office site, which is on track to deliver an annual energy saving of 80% and a return on investment of 2.7 years. The scope of works included external lighting in the car park, as well as office lighting and industrial fittings in the single-storey production site.

Low Bay industrial Hi-savers with PIR controls and daylight dimming technology were installed in the main production areas and the number of lamp locations was reduced to improve efficiency. Other fittings were moved to locations where they could be easily accessed for maintenance purposes.

Andrew Kilmartin, Store Co-ordinator at Naylor Drainage Ltd said: “Lutterworth Ecolighting has helped us to achieve our energy saving targets, which in turn will lead to significant cost savings.” As a result, Naylor’s is doing a feasibility study and is looking at rolling out the solution to other sites across the country.

Lutterworth Ecolighting’s national sales manager Clive Fromant worked closely with the Energy Team and Naylor’s Green Team prior to the installation. “This was a complex job particularly in the production area, which is a dusty environment with high temperatures generated by the kiln,” said Clive. “To counteract this we only installed heat resistant fittings that also offered protection against airborne pollutants.

Naylor-Industries01_E“Access was another challenge to overcome, as the site is fully operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To overcome this Naylor’s set up a temporary office onsite for the duration of the project. This allowed us to work around Naylor’s production schedules and to store our equipment nearby so we could get to work quickly.”

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