DANLERS Limited have launched a new, cost effective, Batten Mount Passive Infra-Red Occupancy Switch which can deliver significant energy savings.

This easy to fit, robust control can be mounted onto the end of lighting battens via the 20mm knock out. The switch includes 1 metre of wire tails to connect to the lighting ballast.

DANLERS Batten Mount PIR incorporates a passive infra-red sensor to detect movement of a warm body within the detection zone and includes a photocell to monitor the ambient light level which can be adjusted via the internal lux adjuster. If no more movement is detected within a certain time, then the PIR will switch off the load, so ensuring no unnecessary waste of energy. The time can be set via the internal time lag adjuster.

DANLERS Batten Mount PIR is UK manufactured and has a 5 year warranty. It is ideal for use not only in offices, factories, warehouses, schools etc but also in outdoor environments and indoor damp areas thanks to its tough IP65 rated enclosure.


Tel: 01249 443377

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