SSI Schaefer has won the contract to provide NBTY Europe Ltd with an automated system that will revolutionise its capabilities within the ecommerce market.

Currently breaking into the e-com industry, NBTY Europe Ltd, the parent company of the retail brands Holland & Barrett Holland, GNC UK, Nature’s Way Ireland and De Tuinen Holland, has recently experienced significant growth within this area, much higher than previously predicated.  Currently serving their high street and online subsidiaries using a manual system within their central distribution centre in Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire, the pressure to fulfil daily demand is growing.

To effectively serve its Holland & Barrett online customers, NBTY are installing an automated system into their DC with the help of SSI Schaefer – with continuous online product offers, high order waves are becoming the norm and outsourcing additional temporary labour whilst risking being unable to keep up with demand, is not part of the long term business plan for NBTY.

Mark Kendrick, NBTY Europe Ltd, said: “We are delighted to be working in partnership with SSI Schaefer – the new automated system, when complete, will provide us with a faster, more efficient and accurate operation in meeting our online requirements. The system also offers us a scalable solution to our e-com enterprise, enabling us to choose the level of automation to compliment the current level of demand.”

Once up and running, the new automated system will operate at five to six times the current output of the manual operation, thereby removing the risk of meeting demand fulfilment. Financial gains will be made as a result of removing the necessity for temporary labour and increased picking accuracy, which in turn will increase overall customer satisfaction.

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