Watco Bitu-mend is a durable, bitumen based instant patch repair for exterior pot-holed asphalt and concrete.

Recent heavy rain will have made existing pot holes worse and in need of urgent attention. Unless fixed, pot holes cause serious vehicle damage and repairs are costly

Watco Bitu-Mend is easy to use, just tip the primer, then the product into the pot-hole and compact it with a spade or tamper. The repair can be driven over immediately and the product will harden over time following application.

Also available is Watco Bitu-mend Heavy Duty for when a stronger product is needed. Its strength allows for thinner repairs than conventional products and it is ideal for heavily trafficked areas.

Watco is a leading UK direct supplier of building repair and maintenance solutions. ISO 9001 certified since 1995, Watco is fully committed to providing high standards of quality and service.

To request a free sample, or for further product information visit www.watco.co.uk or call on 01483791 456, mentioning this publication.


Tel: 01483791 456


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