Manufacturing environments have a unique set of potential problems and risks that floor sweeping machines must be able to overcome. Warehouses and assembly areas can have very narrow aisles and wide-open spaces, and a lot of ‘blind’ corners, not to mention noise and human traffic. Manufacturing and packaging materials can cause instant disruption to work flow if left on a shop floor even in small parts – they must be removed quickly and thoroughly without causing time delays to highly demanding schedules.

Kärcher offers wide ranges of sweeping machines and other products to meet the strict demands of the manufacturing industry, as well as the UK’s largest service network. Kärcher’s sweeper range features manual push-along machines for fast clean-ups to walk-behind and ride-on machines with LPG, petrol or battery power and the versatility to be used in a variety of areas. All are designed to give superb results, long running times, easy operation and hygienic emptying, and offer outstanding value for money. Kärcher sweeping machines range from compact push along sweepers for quick clean ups and small area cleaning, through to 1.7m wide, large area industrial sweepers with 600 litres capacity. Although Kärcher sweepers vary in size and application, one thing they all have in common is excellent build quality and the level of attention to detail that comes from exhaustive research and development in Kärcher’s labs and with customers.

Extensive ranges of options enable each Kärcher sweeper to be tailored for the environment it will be working in – from second side brushes to increase performance and to get tight into aisle edges, to protective roofs and weatherproof cabs. All Kärcher ride-on machines feature short overhangs to make negotiating blind corners as safe as possible, and very simple controls that ensure operators quickly get familiar and comfortable with their machine. Several machines are available with emission-free LPG power – already familiar to many warehouses as a forklift power source – or with low noise, emission-free battery power with long running times. From narrow aisles to large car parks, Kärcher has a sweeper to meet the specific requirements of your premises.

Kärcher also provides extensive ranges of other industrial cleaning machines, including high pressure cleaners, vacuums, parts cleaners and ice blasters.


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