In today’s economic climate, businesses have to scrutinise every aspect of their supply chain to create efficiencies, especially when getting their goods to market. Cost-effectiveness and flexibility are key – qualities which palletised distribution specialists Palletline deliver in quantity.

Palletline provides a vital service for many businesses across the UK, especially smaller firms. The network gives its customers access to nation spanning distribution, backed by market leading technology, together with local knowledge and friendly customer service.

Once such business is St. Peter’s Brewery Company. Based in the heart of Suffolk, the brewer uses water from its own deep bore hole, together with locally malted barley and Kentish hops to produce classic English cask-conditioned ales as well as a range of bottled beers. Transporting these products safely and reliably from the heart of the Suffolk countryside across the UK requires a very special distribution partner.

Entrusted with this vital role is Eye-based Anglia Freight Ltd, a member of the Palletline network. Anglia have been working with the company for well over a decade, moving these precious liquids – initially in bottles but now increasingly in casks to meet the growing demand for speciality beers.

With the majority of consignments destined for regional distribution centres, flexibility is the key to a successful service. Deliveries via the Palletline palletised distribution network enable the brewery to comply with varied time slots and delivery specifications in line with the requirements of customers throughout the UK.

“We enjoy an excellent service through Anglia Freight and Palletline – that’s why we’ve been partners for so long,” confirmed Colin Cordy, Managing Director for St Peter’s Brewery Company. “Key benefits of the service to our organisation include  speed and efficiency and limited damages as well as some pretty sophisticated technology in terms of online booking and POD retrieval which matches our own requirements.”

It’s not just customers who praise Palletline. The network has attracted several new members this year, including respected hauliers. Panic Transport (Contracts) Ltd of Rugby. Panic Managing Director Kevin Johnson explained some of the reasons he and others are joining:

“Palletline has demonstrated superior levels of IT capability,” he explained. “To be honest, we had major customers who were quite literally counting down the days in order to benefit from these new, enhanced services in areas including track and trace and digital signature capture.

Kevin Johnson added: “After a great start, we’re putting increasing amounts of our freight through the network because we – and more importantly, our customers – have the utmost confidence in Palletline’s ability to deliver the goods.”

Kevin Buchanan, Managing Director of Palletline, is pleased to welcome Panic Transport to the network. “Over the years, the Panic Transport name has become synonymous with excellent service and customer care,” he stated. “The company reflects the high calibre of the independent and professional transport operators who are the force behind the Palletline service.”

2012 has brought widespread industry acclaim to Palletline, following its attainment of ‘Network of the Year’ in the prestigious Motor Transport Awards. The awards shortlist was comprised solely of palletised distribution networks this year, making the win particularly significant for Palletline and a confirmation of its long held status as the industry’s most highly regarded network.

Kevin Buchanan, Managing Director of Palletline, said: “We’re enjoying a great year. As well as attracting some fantastic new members to the network, we’re really starting to see the rewards of our hard work and commitment to our customers.”

Currently celebrating its 20th anniversary, Palletline revolutionised the market by creating an innovative ‘hub and spoke’ based system – meaning that all freight to be transported outside of a distributor’s local area is consolidated and sent to a central point before delivery to the customer. This model creates significant operational and environmental efficiencies, and reduces the cost of transporting smaller palletised shipments long distances – ensuring it remains the industry benchmark today.


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  1. The increasing demand for specialty beers led to movement of casks instead of individual bottles. It is probably the first sign of success in any business, where production starts increasing gradually. Sooner, the demand pushes most such businesses to increase labor. The Anglia Freight and Pallentine are an excellent example of just how a business should progress.

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