Whether in food production, storage, retail or restaurants, the ease-of-use of the Testo 108 makes reliable temperature measurement easy.

In the food sector, precise temperature measurements are essential to check and guarantee the quality and freshness of foodstuffs and products. Compliance with guidelines such as HACCP make regular every day testing even more important.

The new Testo 108 is so easy to operate it makes every day measuring tasks simple. The Testo 108 is ideal for use where spot temperature checks of food are required; in food processing, during transport or storage of food, in food retail and in the restaurant/catering industry.

The Testo 108 features a large display and simple operation driven by two self-explanatory keys. The instrument and probe are waterproof to IP67 and are HACCP compliant and certified to EN 13485. To protect the instrument in harsh working environments, the Testo 108 is supplied with a Softcase protection case meaning that the instrument is protected from moisture, dirt and impact damage.

Product Manager, James Whale, explains, “The Testo 108 is a great instrument for busy environments where regular temperature spot checks need to be taken. It’s so easy to use that users can simply pick it up and start taking temperature measurements without lengthy training. What’s more, at just £85 including probe and protection case, it offers excellent value for money as well.”

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