It is estimated that half the UK workforce spends four or more hours standing or walking as part of their job. This embraces everyone from service and counter staff through to receptionists and people working on production lines.

Standing for long periods, particularly on hard floors, causes fatigue, lack of concentration and reduces productivity and can also lead to more serious medical problems such as circulation disorders and joint damage.

One solution is to install and work on specially designed anti-fatigue mats manufactured by Plastic Extruders. The Tuff Spun and Zed Land ranges, for example, are hardworking mats which reduce fatigue and are comfortable underfoot. These are manufactured from high density foam with heavy duty bonded top layer which reduces fatigue, provides some slip resistance and makes standing more comfortable. They are ideal for use behind counters and in light production areas.

For heavier industrial use, Zed Tred and Zed Chex have extremely durable top surfaces which provide some drainage, added levels of slip resistance as well as effective resistance to chemicals, oils and acids.

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