More and more machine manufacturers are discovering the benefits of the Prorunner mk5 and integrating the Nedpack vertical conveyor into their own systems. An example is the German company Dürselen that has developed an innovative overhead conveyor system for the printing industry. Together with the Prorunner mk5, this system garnered a lot of public interest at Drupa, the trade fair for the printing industry.

Dürselen produces machines for the printing industry, in particular for drilling holes in paper and packaging brochures in boxes. The new system is intended for the transport of stacks of brochures from the machine in which they are bound to the machine that packages them.

Because these machines do not necessarily have to be located in the same place, Dürselen has developed an innovative overhead conveyor system. The stacks of brochures are transported from one machine to the other via special product carriers suspended from the ceiling. Thanks to this system, internal transport doesn’t waste precious floor space.

‘Efficient and affordable’

The Nedpack Prorunner mk5 is an integral part of the Dürselen overhead conveyor system. Dürselen uses this vertical conveyor to transport the stacks of brochures from the working height of the machines (900 mm) to ceiling height. The product carrier of the overhead conveyor system is designed in such a way that the stacks of brochures are grabbed from the forks of the Prorunner mk5 in a smooth motion. Damage or falling brochures are therefore excluded. ‘We discovered the Nedpack vertical conveyor at Interpack in May 2011. The Nedpack machines are exceedingly efficient. Moreover, they are so attractively priced that integration of these machines is cheaper than designing a new system yourself’, says Anja Dürselen, director and owner of the company from Mönchengladbach.

Dürselen is more than satisfied about their cooperation with Nedpack. ‘They’re good at supplying standard components and high quality machinery, and are reliable in terms of delivery times,’ says to Dürselen.

Increasing range of applications

Dürselen is by no means the only machine manufacturer that integrates Nedpack vertical conveyors into its own systems. Worldwide there are more and more machine manufacturers and system integrators who recognise the advantages of the Prorunner mk5 and use this standard product lift in their own system designs. They operate in different industries, from the food industry and the printing industry to logistics. If necessary, the machine manufacturers sometimes make changes themselves, for example, to the product carrier, or the conveyor track. The Prorunner mk5 is therefore provided with an increasingly wider range of applications.

Patented drive system

The Prorunner mk5 is a vertical conveyor with multiple product carriers, which travel in a complete vertical circuit. Because the product carriers are designed in the form of a fork, they can easily pick up and put down products en route. Thanks to the unique, patented drive system, the product carriers remain in a perfectly horizontal position during the entire circulation, so that moving or deforming of products is excluded.

The Prorunner mk5 offers the speed and capacity of a traditional continuous product lift, for a lower price. The Prorunner mk5 can transport 2,000 products up or down per hour. Moreover, the Prorunner mk5 is extremely compact and offers unprecedented flexibility. Unlike other continuous product elevators, the Prorunner mk5 can feed products in and out in three directions, without the need for additional facilities. Moreover, the machine can transport products up or down simultaneously and, when combined with retractable pick-up and drop-off points, even function as a vertical sorting system.


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