Family-run firm, Kernowsashimi, was featured in the hit BBC show which looked at how partner and fisherman Chris Bean had introduced a number of sustainable techniques to reduce wastage and preserve fish stocks off the Falmouth Bay coastline.

Chris, who has been fishing off the Cornwall coast for 40 years, speaks in the programme about his adoption of large meshed nets which ensure that younger fish aren’t caught, helping to guarantee stocks for future generations.

The programme also showed how Chris’s strong relationships with Japanese sushi restaurants in London has meant that more unusual types of fish have been introduced into the food chain, helping to reduce the number of fish thrown back into the sea.

Kernowsashimi’s courier firm, APC Cornwall (Carn Logistics) was also featured in the programme, hosted by Monty Halls, highlighting how the two companies work together to bring more sustainably caught fish to market.

APC Cornwall (Carn Logistics) helps fisherman Chris to transport his freshly-caught fayre to the capital in time to be served up as Japanese delicacies.

Chris Bean, partner at Kernowsashimi, said: “The show has provided some great exposure for our business and how we are trying to combat the issues faced by the inshore fishing industry today. It also demonstrated how important supplier relationships are for us, as without APC, we wouldn’t be able to maintain such strong ties with restaurants in London by delivering a range of fresh fish to them in time for the dinner time rush.”

Alan Cooper, managing director of APC Carn Logistics, said: “We help scores of local companies uphold their promises to customers and we have been delighted to support Chris as he has grown his business over the past few years. The show demonstrated how every link in the supply chain is vital in supporting the bigger picture and the great work that Kernowsashimi does really is helping to ensure the future of fishing in Cornwall for many years to come.”

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