Manually processing parcels at goods-in and goods-out areas can be awkward, time-consuming and expensive. Particularly so if workers have to pick up and put down handheld scanning devices while moving goods through the system.

Mounted above workstations, Vitronic’s new VICAMsnap! automatically reads barcodes and 2D codes while allowing operators to handle objects using both hands. This saves valuable time, increasing employee productivity and reducing costs for cash strapped businesses.

As workers move parcels through VICAMsnap!, it captures photographic images using a high performance camera and white LED illumination. The system outputs these images via an interface to an integrated decoding unit, which uses advanced software to analyse them and interpret the codes.
VICAMsnap! then archives the acquired data or passes it to wherever it is needed; for example warehouse inventory computers or dispatch departments. After successfully capturing a parcel VICAMsnap! is using its built-in loudspeaker and status display. This display flashes a green alert for a good read and a red alert if a no-read occurs. This means operators can opt for audible or visual instruction.

VICAMsnap! has a reading field measuring 31 x 26 x 30cm and an optical aiming device, enabling operators to scan parcels efficiently. VICAMsnap! can be rapidly installed into any warehouse or distribution centre, offering a quick return on investment (ROI).


VIPAC D2 is a laser-based volume-measurement system. It works by using lasers to set measuring points on an object as it flows through the transport system and using these points to calculate length, width and height, before working out the volume. It also performs contour inspection.

In a busy warehouse or distribution centre, goods are delivered in different sized cartons and boxes. Deformed items can cause problems in automated storage, retrieval and sorting systems, causing throughput to decline. In addition, deformed cartons and boxes can be a sign of damaged goods.

VIPAC D2 counters this problem by automatically inspecting the contours of cartons and boxes. It detects deformations and flags up offending items, allowing operators to manually inspect and deal with them if necessary.

VIPAC D2 also identifies bulging sides or protruding parts by calculating the smallest cube that will enclose an item and looking for deviations. A use for deformation detection is in the field of automated palletizing. It is essential that cartons for automatic palletizing are in good shape i.e. not having bulging sides or parts protruding out of the carton. Any of these faults can create significant problems to the palletizing robots.

The system operates at speeds of up to 3 meters per second and works on packages measuring up to 2500 x 1000 x 1000mm (L x W x H). VIPAC D2 passes all the data it captures to warehouse management systems via an interface and can be used for additional automated processes, such as invoicing, optimising transit space in delivery vehicles and planning their routes to make the most efficient use of fuel, as well as statistical purposes and analysis to optimise the internal flow of goods.


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