Union Industries, the UK market-leading manufacturer of high speed roller doors, has taken its relationship international with the US corporation, Cummins, following an installation at the company’s new facility in Turkey.

The Leeds-based company has installed a bespoke-designed Ramdoor Plus 2 at the new Cummins air and oil filter manufacturing plant in Izmir, which will effectively protect the inside of the facility from the external environment, including high winds.

The Ramdoor Plus 2 rapid roll door has been independently tested, achieving a Class 5 for wind resistance. The door installed at Cummins’ facility in Izmir has also been fitted with a double travelling windbar system for protection against particularly high winds. This is on top of the heavy duty ‘Ramhide’ door blade with integral wind-braces, and extra-deep side guides, both of which help the Ramdoor resist high wind pressures.

Union Industries was selected to provide the Ramdoor following several successful UK installations at Cummins factories in Darlington, Daventry and Ramsgate. Cummins’ UK team, which purchased Union Bulldoors and Ramdoors for the British applications, recommended Union Industries to their European colleagues based on the robustness and reliability of its high speed doors.

The Ramdoor is 5.0m wide and 4.5m high and is internally mounted on an external opening in conjunction with a sectional overhead door, which is closed only when necessary and is used solely for security.

Fitted by Union’s UK-based engineers, the roller door offers a range of benefits including an innovative design and installation process, which saves the client having to make additional investment for a steel support frame, which is common with most other fast roller doors on the market.

Union’s Ramdoor Plus 2, as with the other doors in the range, sits on the floor of the factory rather than hang from the wall or structure of the building, like most other high speed doors.

The Ramdoor Plus 2 activates via dual ‘Condor’ motion sensors, which are fitted to both sides of the opening to give an automatic open/close operation. The Condors also incorporate active infra-red sensors to detect a pre-determined mass in the immediate vicinity so that the door will not close if a stationary or moving object, vehicle or person, is detected nearby.

In-keeping with a number of the Cummins’ high speed doors provided by Union, the company has opted for special sign writing to the external side of the door blade. The design includes Cummins’ ‘C’ logo and one of its corporate slogans, ‘Every Part’. Completed by Union’s in-house sign writer, the door blade text and company logo have been produced using indelible ink to ensure they have a long lifespan.

Stephen Walton, Corporate Facilities Services from Cummins, said: “The feedback we received on Union and its doors from our UK team was very positive and gave us confidence the company could deliver a suitable solution for our new filtration factory. The door has met our expectations and plays an important part in maintaining the productivity of traffic on the site, but also minimising the impact of exterior weather conditions on the facility.”

Alan Hirst, Sales Director at Union Industries said: “We are very proud to continue our successful relationship with Cummins. Our doors have built a strong reputation across industry and there is no better compliment than a recommendation by a world-renowned engineering company such as Cummins.

He added: “The Ramdoor Plus 2 has been through tough independent checks for its ability to withstand tough environmental conditions, which is why it is the most sought after rapid roll door for large, exposed external openings. It is perfect to meet the challenges in Izmir and Cummins’ exceptionally high standards.”

Union Industries

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