Both outbound and inbound efficiency are key ingredients for a profitable and competitive supply chain.

The old saying of ‘’Space is money’’ has never been truer. In many supply chains having the facility to free up space by using folding handling solutions can achieve huge savings.

Whether you have peaks and troughs due to seasonality of your business or simply have a fluctuation in your stock inventory the  ability to utilize space to it best advantage can bring a whole new scope to how your operation can achieve maximum usage of space.

Within the logistics process the ability to fold and return your packaging can also achieve huge cost savings and minimize your operations carbon footprint .

Milford IBC have supplied folding material handling solutions for over 25 years and are pleased to announce the addition of two new folding handling solutions to their range,

The Milford KLK folding all plastic box pallets is manufactured in High density polyethylene and is available in two different sizes:-

1200x1000x1000mm with a capacity of 900litrs

1200x800x1000mm with a capacity of 700 liters

The KLK range has been developed to overcome some of the drawbacks associated with other all plastic folding box pallets. A smooth internal and external finish helps to keep the units clean and also avoid the buildup of water when stored outside. The Milford KLK also has a very impressive load carrying capacity of 750kg. Another unique feature of the KLK is the facility to have from one to four drop down gates to allow very easy access to your product.

The new range can easily be customized to each user’s requirements with the facility for large printing areas, labels holders, custom colours, sequential numbering, internal divider systems and many more customized options available.

Milford IBC was first established over 25 years ago in Australia and have supplied logistics equipment to well known logistics companies such as CHEP, TNT and Ceva logistics.

With Milford IBC’s design and manufacturing experience they are constantly developing new and innovative handling solutions to solve some of today’s supply chain requirements.

The KLK range complements the rest of their product portfolio including

• IBC’s for liquids and powders

• Stillages

• Box Pallets

• Pallets

• Containers

• Bespoke solutions in steel or Plastic

With their new Warehouse in Berkshire, whatever your Supply chain Handling requirements are, Milford IBC have a solution.

Milford IBC

Tel: 01189 797514


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