More frequent site visits, reduced cost of spares, and engineering support via telephone outside normal office hours are now included in a new standard service package from print & apply labelling specialist Logopak. Free label design is now also part of the scheme.

The new service arrangements replace the previous single annual inspection with up to six a year, at comparable cost says the company, reducing downtime for maintenance and allowing wear parts to be replaced only when necessary.

“Annual service visits have worked reasonably well since the cost of replacing certain parts such as drive belts prematurely – to ensure reliability for the next 12 months – could work out less than an increased number of inspections,” points out Logopak UK sales manager Steve Hancock.

“However more frequent inspection and the opportunity to deal with potential problems in advance is always preferable.”

Logopak’s solution has been to reduce the cost of service visits by streamlining the organisation of its service department and installing a tracker system in the service fleet. This allows routes to groups of customers in a certain area to be planned in advance, optimised, and non-productive travel time reduced to an absolute minimum.

“Parts are now replaced only when necessary for reliability over the following two or three months rather than a year, saving costs, and machines need not be completely disassembled and taken out of service for several hours each time,” explains Steve Hancock.

“Most important, more regular inspection greatly increases the opportunity to identify and rectify potential faults, before they turn into critical failures that could bring a whole line to a halt.”

Users of the new service package include Conveyor Networks where managing director David Carroll says: ” Logopak’s new maintenance support model is cleverly designed to be flexible enough to meet the needs of individual customers.”

Logopak International Limited

Tel: 01904 692333


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