We announce, with regret, that John Graham-Campbell is retiring from Inka Presswood Pallets Ltd.

John began his career in the packaging industry in the late sixties, when he joined the London head office of Tri-Wall Containers. His skills and knowledge in the corporation finance sector helped guide Tri-Wall through some challenging times, which included severe recession, limited working weeks, and all at a time when Heavy-Duty Corrugated was in its infancy, challenging the boundaries of industrial packaging.

John developed a reliable reputation in his field and formed a great working relationship with Ken Springham the UK General Manager.

It was with their joint skills that they left Tri-Wall in 1984 to set up their own company; once again at the forefront of new challenging methods of product handling – this time with the introduction of the Schütz IBC into the UK.

In 1985 they launched Inka Presswood Pallets Ltd as the UK distributor of yet another new packaging concept – the Presswood Pallet.

While John’s roles have been mainly financial he has taken a close interest in, and been involved with, the introduction and successful development of some of the UK’s every-day methods of industrial packaging & materials handling, and will be sorely missed.

Inka Presswood Pallets Limited

Tel: 01277 811085


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