75,000 boxes made to date…

SSI Schaefer continues to support Aquabox Trust, a registered charity that provides a rapid response provision of safe drinking water and welfare aid items in the wake of both natural and man-made disasters.

The charity, organised by the Rotary Club Wirksworth, has been supplying the Aquabox, designed by SSI Schaefer and manufactured in Germany, for over 12 years. The robust and rigid plastic container, with a bung in the side, is used primarily for the storage of survival bags, medical supplies and blankets, then, once emptied is used as a water purification kit – the bung can be removed and replaced by a tap.

An Aquabox Gold includes an AquaFilter that will provide sufficient drinking water and general washing water for a family of six for up to 24 months – the Aquabox Gold includes additional humanitarian aid items. Each box can be used by the recipient family for many years to come, for example, as a vermin proof rice store.

The Aquabox Community encompasses an AquaFilter Community – each box has a capacity of roughly 75 litres and every AquaFilter Community is capable of generating up to 500,000 litres of drinking water from local contaminated water sources. This is enough basic drinking water for 100 families of six (600 people) for over 18 months; over 500 tonnes of drinking water.

Joe Joyce, Plastics Account Manager, SSI Schaefer, said: “We have manufactured the Aquabox for over 12 years now, producing approximately 75,000 boxes to date and have watched the charity grow – our commitment to providing the charity with high quality plastic boxes is second to none and we will continue to do so, now and in the future.”

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