Leading global forklift truck and warehouse equipment manufacturer, Linde Material Handling (UK), is upgrading its H50 –H80 range from July 2012 to include improved ergonomics as well as a new engine type resulting in reduced emissions.

Linde’s 5-8 tonne truck range has a strong market share in the medium-capacity load sector. Powered by a high-performance 87 kW Deutz diesel engine, the H50-80 is used for heavy, high-value loads such as paper reels, steel coils, timber packs, brick and block packs and similar medium-weight loads.

To comply with the latest stage of EU regulations on emissions, Linde’s H50-80 series will be fitted with a diesel particle filter as a standard feature rather than as an option. The H50-80‘s emissions are well below the limit required in the new EU lllB legislation. As a further enhancement the truck will also incorporate the Linde Engine Protection System as standard to monitor the temperature and pressure levels of engine and hydraulic oil, coolant and water in the fuel filter. This protects the engine from any damage resulting from low pressures, low levels and high temperature.

The H50-80 model will come with a choice of new, wider seats from PVC or fabric covered, with mechanical suspension or air suspension options and with various ergonomic adjustments including an active cooling system to enhance operator comfort.

The truck also has an improved armrest design which provides more space for the truck levers and with a hinged top providing a storage compartment. The horn button has also moved from the centre of the steering wheel to the side of the armrest for easier operation.

Jana Vitkova, product manager at Linde said: “The H50-80 is all about fast and stress-free working in tougher environments. The introduction of the new model will reinforce our position as an innovator that covers a range of industries with the best product on the market.”

Linde Material Handling (UK)

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