Hörmann is reporting an increase in sales as warehouse development continues to be dominated by the food retail sector. On-going projects include work for Asda, The Co-operative Group, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose.

The desire to reduce the carbon footprint of their supply chains is one factor behind the development of new more energy efficient warehouses and is shaping their design.

The increased use of fast action doors both internally and externally is one factor in the increased sales reported by Hörmann. Internally, these doors partition areas and prevent draughts, while externally they minimise the time the door is open, leading to reduced energy consumption.

With more of these doors in place there is an associated need for safety systems which has led to greater demand for integration of doors and loading bays that helps to maintain the high safety levels these major operators work to. Additionally the development of single envelope cold stores has made the loading area much more important in terms of energy efficiency and is also pushing the market towards more integrated solutions. The position of Hörmann as a true one-stop-shop for all loading bay requirements is consequently helping to accelerate sales and has directly led to the development of new products.

Asda, for example, has chosen the new Hörmann, HS7030 insulated high speed spiral door for level access loading bays while demand from several companies has led Hörmann to include ThermoFrame as standard with all double insulated DPU sectional doors. These products were developed specifically to meet the demand for better thermal efficiency.

This demand for better energy efficiency applies to the whole logistics industry. In order to demonstrate the options available for both new build and refurbishment projects Hörmann has created their Energy Saving Compass, a free, modular planning tool that also calculates the payback time for the chosen options.

The six themed modules of the online Energy Saving Compass are a planning guide that examines all the key aspects of energy saving that can be affected by industrial door systems and loading technology solutions.

The guide includes examples of well planned loading bays, the options available and an energy loss calculator. If you want to save on your energy bills Hörmann has the products, knowledge and expertise to deliver the right solution to meet your operational needs while maximising energy savings. Go to and find the Energy Saving Compass on the welcome page. For further help you can contact Hörmann direct on 01530 513050 or Email

Hörmann Group

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