New Clark diesel forklift C35D loads the Antonov – the world’s largest cargo airplane at Leipzig/ Halle Airport

Once separated by the Iron Curtain – today they are working hand in hand: A Clark C35D forklift with 3.5 tonne capacity has been loading the Antonov 124 at Leipzig/Halle Airport since January 2012. Here a legend in materials handling technology meets a legend in worldwide air cargo. Managing Director Steffen Koßmann and Salesman Thilo Beuchler of Clark dealer Tecklenborg GmbH (Döbeln) handed over the new diesel forklift to Valdimir Borysenko, Chief Engineer of Ruslan Salis GmbH.

Safe handling on ramps and inclines

Ruslan Salis GmbH provides air charter flights with Antonov 124 aircraft at Germany’s second largest cargo hub and also services these giants of the air. “Time is money” – nobody knows that better than the professionals in air cargo. As a result, Ruslan Salis GmbH has opted for the quality of the “Built to last” brand with the C35D when loading the airplane, in the warehouse and ground traffic operations. The C35D is particularly robust and resistant to wear: The 2.8-litre diesel engine with indirect fuel injection proves to be not only low in pollution and fuel consumption, but also offers excellent acceleration as well as reliable handling on ramps and inclines. The powerful drive of the C35D comes into play for example when heavy goods are loaded into the AN 124 cargo hold with ideal measurements of 36.5 x 6.4 x 4.4 metres.

Powerful, versatile, effortless: The C35D at Leipzig/Haller Airport

The easy, comfortable handling of the C35D also ensures for higher throughput during goods distribution and warehousing at Leipzig/Halle Airport. The driver is able to climb inside the vehicle quickly and safely from both sides thanks to the large, nonslip steps; and during the work process itself all operating elements are clearly arranged and within easy reach. The power steering which enables secure, effortless steering and manoeuvrability in the smallest of spaces, as well as the vehicle’s compact design and ideal weight distribution, guarantee not only effective, sensitive work cycles but also stability when cornering in confined areas.

AN-124-100: Above the clouds with a take-off weight of 400 tonnes

At present, 58 airports spread over 34 countries and four continents are flown to from Leipzig/Halle Airport which is the new base of the C35D. A rising trend – the airport operator was able to break the 700,000 tonne cargo record in 2011 alone. This impressive figure is attributable also to the flights organised and carried out with the wide-bodied jet AN-124-100 by Ruslan Salis, a subsidiary of the Ukrainian Antonov Airlines and the Russian Volga Dnepr Airlines. These transport aircraft with a maximum take-off weight of 400 tonnes are primarily handled within the “Strategic Airlift Interim Solutions” project. At the same time, the company Ruslan Salis GmbH employs the AN-124-100 as the largest operator after the Russian Air Force. Only 37 aircrafts of this type operate worldwide – still the largest mass-produced cargo plane of all times.

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