Welcome to the 1st June Warehouse & Logistics News. As we went to press, it had been raining for weeks and weeks with scarcely a break, and most of the UK was feeling like Carole King in her song from years back, ‘It might as well rain until September’ (let’s hope it doesn’t…) So here’s to Britain brightening up for the new month.

With the Diamond Jubilee Double Bank Holiday nearly here, and the Olympic torch now in the UK, the show must go on, with or without umbrellas. The spotlight is firmly on the participants in these events, but make it all go smoothly there has to be the logistics in place in the background, provided by the experts in making sure everything gets where it’s needed, on time.

We mustn’t forget the logistics side of the retail and leisure industries either. Rain or shine, bank holiday weekends are massive opportunities for these businesses, and over the four-day weekend the supply chains supporting them will be running flat out to make sure the goods are there for Britain to shop and otherwise spend our way through the Jubilee, and hopefully re-energise the economy in the process. So here’s to all our readers working hard to make sure the logistics of the Jubilee Weekend go to plan.

It’s important for industry professionals to stay up to date in terms of industry knowledge. In this issue we have our latest feature on Fork Trucks, covering counterbalance trucks, side loaders, VNA, reach trucks and other specialist machines. Our Buildings/Facilities report looks at main structures and key equipment, including temporary structures. These days ‘temporary usage’ often means several years, and the structures concerned are highly sophisticated and robust. Our other feature, The Loading Bay includes industrial doors, dock levelers and dock lifts, an area of the warehouse all often taken for granted but where safety, cost effectiveness and greenness are critical and investment is rewarded.

Finally, the European Football Championships kick off any day now. To help you and your colleagues follow the action, we present our exclusive Euro’s wall planner in the centre spread of this issue, kindly sponsored by Translift Bendi, the articulated fork truck specialists. If you would like more copies of the wall chart you can download them free at www.warehousenews.co.uk

Happy reading, and keep dry and cheerful!

Warehouse & Logistics News

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