New loading bay and industrial door developments are adding to the efficiency of warehouse stock, but care needs to be taken when retro-fitting new improved options say Hörmann.

As a true one stop shop for loading bays, Hörmann are at the fore front of new product development. The introduction of the new insulated high speed spiral door and the Hörmann ThermoFrame are developments focused on preventing heat loss and saving on energy bills.

Another trend in the warehouse industry is to apply insulated doors that have traditionally been used on cold stores to ambient warehouses, in order to reduce energy bills. For existing warehouses, replacing curtain doors with Hörmann’s high speed spiral or high speed sectionals is a simple but effective upgrade. These newer doors can operate at higher speeds than many existing curtain doors, to give the best of both worlds when it comes to minimising heat loss through the open door.

There is concern for the industry when doors are repaired and refurbished, as demonstrated by the Health and Safety Executive issuing specific guidance for industrial doors. The HSE consider these items to pose particular health and safety risks, since they have been the cause of a number of serious and fatal accidents.

They point out that, where a door is modified or refurbished, resulting in significant changes to the control or operation of the door, then it will have to be CE marked by the person undertaking the modifications.

This means that when refurbishing or upgrading existing doors, it is important that the installer ensures that all the components are fit for purpose. For example, simply replacing an existing door with a similar but heavier insulated door could mean that the powered operator is not suitable, though both could carry a CE mark.

In the first case it must be stressed that CE marking does not signify that a product is fit for purpose, it simply means it complies with essential health and safety requirements of the European single market legislation.

The simple solution is for the door installer to consult the manufacturers and obtain certification that shows the components are compatible and fit for purpose. This is significantly easier if the door and operator come from the same source.

While the owner and operator need to be aware of this potential pitfall, the reality is that upgrading doors can offer cost savings. Hörmann’s free, energy saving compass give examples of loading bay configurations and calculates the cost savings that can be achieved. Simply go to and follow the link to see how you can save.

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