With businesses still under pressure in the current economic climate, making the most cost effective use of storage opportunities is more important than ever.

Whether a large multinational retailer or a small single unit operator, exploiting the space available at a site can be key to maximising its potential and ensuring a good return on investment (ROI). The addition, or effective utilisation, of mezzanine floors can provide the ideal solution.

To ensure safe and efficient movement of products between mezzanine floors Transdek, which recently won a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation, has installed its unique mezzanine floor lifts for a wide range of customers.

The Yorkshire based company is currently in the process of fitting 45 lifts for one of the UK’s leading home furnishing retailers to improve the overall store efficiency at new site builds and as part of an existing store refreshment program. The latter involves mezzanine floors being incorporated to increase retail-selling space and to improve product storage capacity.

In line with Transdek’s philosophy of minimum on-site disruption, the lifts are surface mounted, with no requirement for expensive civil engineering works or bespoke motor rooms. Installed in one to two days, the lifts offer a fast, cost effective means to convert any factory or warehouse for safe mezzanine floor access.

All lifts are tailor made to meet specific customer requirements for both new build projects and retro fit installations with designs based on comprehensive site surveys, customer feedback and architect plans.

“For all types of businesses, such as self storage operators, logistics providers and retailers, making the most effective use of storage space and ensuring easy, safe and cost effective access to these secondary storage areas can deliver significant ROI benefits,” says Leon Butler, Operations Director at Transdek UK.

With installations throughout the UK, the company’s lifts handle the movement of products for companies including British Airways, Canon, Carphone Warehouse and Sprung Slumber.

A significant proportion of Transdek’s, mezzanine floor lift business is based on repeat orders, which reflect the high quality, simple to operate and low cost maintenance of each lift.

Butler adds: “We have developed a quality product with a high level of safety features built in that require minimal maintenance. We also have over 70 fully trained service agents offering nationwide 24/7 365-day emergency technical assistance to ensure we provide a very high level of customer support throughout the UK.”

Transdek UK Ltd

Leon Butler, Operations Director,

Tel: 01302 752276

Email: leon.butler@transdek.com


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