Torque, the renowned ‘end to end’ logistics service provider, is delighted to announce that a new state of the art processing centre at its Wortley warehouse in Leeds is open and ready for business.

With an investment of over £1million, the new facility is one of the largest in the UK spanning approximately 50,000 sq ft. A market leader in pre-retail services, Torque’s new centre covers all aspects of processing including a state of the art conveyer for unloading and loading to reduce handling, boxed to hang, quality control, steam tunnelling, extensive pressing facilities and bagging. In addition to these services, Torque has the facility to provide ozone treatment capable of destroying mould spores and other unwanted contaminants – so Torque has everything to seamlessly act as an extension of its clients’ finishing and preparation for store process.

Neil Hewitt, Processing Manager, Torque comments: “The very nature of fast moving fashion means that retailers are under constant pressure to meet the evolving and ever increasing demands of consumers, especially in the current and very challenging economic climate. The carefully tailored processes we apply give a renewed source of vitality to a well travelled and often cramped product, bringing the appearance back to fresh, pristine and instantly saleable clothing. Whether customers opt for tunnelling, pressing or another one of our value added services, a sold garment far outweighs the end costs and ultimately makes a difference to the bottom line.”

A closer look at Torque’s Processing Centre of Excellence:

• State of the art boxed conveyer system

• Fully automated Goods on hangers conveyer system

• Quality Assurance Managers with a wealth of experience ensuring individual clients quality requirements are met with the utmost confidence

• Boxed to hang operation

• Dunnage conveyer for efficient and cost effective waste removal readied for recycling

• Hanging garments fed through the automated conveyer network

• 10 chamber Indupress tunnel

• Hand Pressing area for more delicate garments and dolly press area for outerwear

• Garments near completion ready for automatic bagging

• Most advanced Pavel bagging machines completing the process

• Fully completed garments collecting at loading bays ready for loading and delivery

• Goods out


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