Your materials handling is unique. Just like every operator. With our new Atlet Tergo truck range, you get unique possibilities of creating the reach truck that’s really you. Whether you use the truck for  two-hours a day or tough 24/7 operations? Loads ranging from 1,200 kg or 2,500 kg? Lifting heights of 7 meters or up to 12 meters? The new Atlet Tergo easily becomes the tool you need.

… is also the most efficient.

To maximise productivity, the new Atlet Tergo is 100 % designed around the operator. If you feel fit at work, you’ll also be more efficient. And that makes good business sense for everybody – the truck operators as well, the logistic managers also.

Contact Atlet today…

Atlet have the expertise and tools that will help you increase your material handling efficiency. The strongest truck and service programmes are at your service. You’re welcome to discover your opportunities with the world’s most personal reach trucks at

Atlet Ltd

Tel: 01844 215501

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