Paragon Software Systems has updated its free special Planning Pack for companies scheduling deliveries during the Olympic and Paralympic games. The mapping update to the route optimisation software includes the latest traffic restriction information from Transport for London (TfL) covering the Olympic Route Network (ORN) and the Central London Zone (CLZ) and it will also highlight the impact of the various road-based events.

The updated map and specially developed event filters will enable Paragon users to identify the location of their customers’ delivery points relative to the Olympic-related road restrictions and be kept fully aware of road closures and other changes that will be in force during the games. The filters can be fine-tuned so that users can review their customers’ delivery points to within 100 metres of the ORN or a road event, enabling a clear and convenient view of how their deliveries will be impacted.

Many Paragon customers are in the process of planning their transport strategy for the games. This includes modelling routes and schedules that will service the greater demand for consumables (FMCG) and for managing changes to delivery times, unloading times and delivery frequency.

Paragon Software Systems

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