Kärcher has introduced a new range of electrically-heated hot water pressure washers, which offer emission-free hot water cleaning with dramatically reduced energy consumption and heating-up times. The new range includes a class-leading 36kW version that can operate continuously at 58°C or at a maximum temperature of 80°C, providing manufacturing businesses with very hot cleaning performance without the usual problem of emissions from a diesel-fired hot water heater.

The new HDS-E eco!efficiency range is available in three variants – 12, 24 and 36kW – and features all the design attributes of Kärcher’s HDS diesel-fuelled machines such as simple, intuitive controls, high manoeuvrability and easy servicing. This is combined with a fully insulated, energy efficient heating chamber that reduces standby power consumption by 40% compared to previous electrically-heated models.

The HDS-E’s heating tank is insulated by a specially-designed boiler jacket which keeps heated water hotter for longer, and therefore reduces power consumption and shortens heating times to as little as 5 minutes. Further refinements include Kärcher’s eco!efficiency mode, which optimises power and water consumption for daily cleaning tasks.

Kärcher’s Product Manager Jeff Hilton says, “Electrically-heated machines are perfect for use where emissions and naked flames are not acceptable, but usually have high electricity costs associated with them. Our primary aim with this new range was to make emission-free hot water cleaning more accessible by reducing these energy costs as much as possible. With our new range we have certainly achieved this and raised the standard of emission-free machines.”

All three models are compatible with a wide range of Kärcher accessories and detergents designed to make cleaning jobs faster and more thorough, and qualify for £100 cashback until the end of June 2012. For every HDS machine (excluding upright models) sold through a participating Kärcher dealer between 01/03/2012 and 30/06/2012, Kärcher will reward the customer with a cheque for £100. On top of this, HDS customers will receive automatic entry into a weekly draw to win an NT 70/2 professional vacuum worth over £500! Draw winners will be announced on the Kärcher website every week.


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