Every day, millions of goods are in transit worldwide – and the trend is rising. Tele-shopping, eCommerce, mail-order business and ever shorter product life cycles are all contributing to the rising tide of material and goods flow. What is more, the sheer diversity of products destined for all four corners of the world has put enormous demands on internal processing and scheduling. This calls for high-performance logistics with efficient sortation systems.

Interroll sorters are designed to be versatile and capable of handling a wide range of unit loads up to 35kg of all different shapes, sizes and materials (mixed goods) and are ideally suitable for handling awkward or sensitive goods.

Interroll sorters dovetail perfectly with existing systems and are extremely user-friendly thanks to the ingenious, precision pre-assembled modules. Systems are extremely reliable, offer high availability and are economical, even for low throughputs of 2,000 items per hour. The design concept enables systems to be easily adaptable to future growth and can provide a quick ROI (Return on Investment), of 2-3 years.

Depending on the application and the available space, you can choose between a horizontal, multidirectional sorter (loop configuration), or a vertical, circulating sorter (linear configuration).


Interroll sorters quickly and reliably distribute unit loads weighing anything from 50g to 35kg, small or large, robust or fragile. From cardboard boxes, totes, parcels, large envelopes, bundles of letters, polythene bags, shrink-wrapped products through to drink sachets, bottles as other foodstuffs – absolutely anything that has to reach its destination at the agreed time.

The goods are inducted onto the sorter either via direct manual placement, semi automatic merging or by a fully automated infeed system. A wide range of carrier size options facilitates selection of the optimum, carrier for the goods to be sorted and their orientation. Larger items up to 1.2m in length are able to span across 2 carriers.

The key elements of these sorters are the cross belt carriers with their patented mechanical discharge principle. The carriers run on quiet, low rolling resistance polyurethane-encased rollers, pre assembled, to precisely manufactured modular sections. All carriers are connected together to form a ‘train’ and furthermore each carrier is connected directly to a reinforced rubber drive chain, providing a positive drive to the ‘train of carriers’ via a single high efficiency motor/gearbox. Once a cross belt carrier reaches its intended destination, a pneumatically actuated paddle makes contact with a drive wheel mounted underneath each carrier transferring drive to the cross belt, which in turn safely sorts the goods to their destination.

Compared to sorters with linear motors, the single high efficiency motor/gearbox utilized in the Interroll sorter translates to even greater cost savings via reduced energy consumption. In addition, the direct drive principle, and a fixed connection between carrier and drive chain, ensures secure tracking of products, via a single, standard industrial encoder.

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