A new toy warehouse in Exeter has recently been completed with over 9500m2 of Knauf AMF’s Thermatex Mercure ceiling tiles in AMF Ventatec Grid, to meet the demanding fire protection requirements of the extensive two-tier mezzanine storage area.

The new warehouse was designed by Kirkham Board Architects of Exeter, and built by Midas Construction, while Peter Evans Storage Ltd designed the bespoke mezzanine. Pegasus Interiors (UK) Ltd were approached by Peter Evans Storage to install the ceilings, stairwell enclosures and fire protection requirements. They proposed the AMF Mercure ceiling tiles in Ventatec Grid as this could offer fire protection under a double-tier mezzanine. There was also a requirement to fire protect the recessed lights, so 1000 AMF 600x600mm light boxes were used to cover the luminaries.

Richard Shore of Pegasus Interiors (UK) Ltd commented: “Before commencing on site we contacted our supply chain partner Go Interiors and, working together, we implemented a strategy that allowed us to provide efficient, methodical and cost effective working practice. This plan prevented the site becoming clogged with materials. All critical deadlines were achieved and the project was completed on time and on budget.”

Most mezzanine floors require fire protection, which can be provided by a suspended ceiling system. Knauf AMF’s Thermatex Mercure ceiling tiles can provide fire protection to mezzanine floors, timber joists, steel beams and other types of structure.

Creating openings for lighting within a ceiling could significantly reduce the   fire protection, but Knauf AMF light boxes have been specifically designed to overcome this issue. The fire-resistant light boxes are the only light boxes that can maintain the fire rating performance under a mezzanine floor, they also ensure that there is no loss of acoustic performance, providing excellent room-to-room sound attenuation.

Thermatex Mercure is an attractive option for mezzanines, offering time and cost savings in installation as the tiles do not have to be clipped down, and the main runners are installed at the standard 1200mm centres. Their fine non-directional fissured design gives a subtle, elegant appearance with the added benefits of high light reflectance and good acoustic performance. Mercure is one of ten face patterns and designs within the Thermatex range and is ideal for all mezzanine applications including offices, retail outlets and storage facilities.

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