With storage space at an ever-increasing premium, high-density warehousing configurations are assuming ever-greater importance in logistics operations. The key efficiency factor in these installations is the turret order picker – the workhorse designed to cope with this most demanding of materials handling tasks. Crown’s major new TSP range has been specifically developed to meet this need.

Precise and efficient storage and retrieval of palletised loads and the associated operations of high-level order picking, travelling long distances and transferring goods between aisles are the tasks upon which all other processes in the warehousing operation depend. In Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) applications these tasks are the exclusive province of the turret truck, a machine precision-designed and built for performance and reliability in an environment where underperformance can adversely impact the entire logistics operation – not to mention the user’s all-important bottom line.

Tailored to suit

With no two turret truck applications the same, a one-size-fits-all solution is a non-starter. With this in mind, Crown has developed three high-performance series in the TSP range to offer the speeds, capacities, energy efficiency and lift heights to enable users to specify machines precisely suited to the application criteria:

• TSP 6000 Series – for medium-duty applications up to a height of 11.7 metres

• TSP 6500 Series – for high-throughput applications up to 13.5 metres

• TSP 7000 Series – for maximum performance at heights to 17.2 metres

All three feature Crown’s ground-breaking MonoLift™ mast and MoveControl™ seat, plus application-matched travel and lift performance, 48 or 80 Volt power, regenerative mast-lowering, industry-leading visibility and ergonomically-designed controls that simplify operation and minimise stress-induced operator fatigue.

Though turret truck applications are highly specialised, the machine chosen shouldn’t be limited to one task. Crown has therefore designed the TSP range with flexibility to meet a variety of needs – from environmental cabs that make freezer work comfortable to special load handlers and positioners for unusual load shapes and sizes.

MonoLift™ mast -reaching new heights

Put simply, Crown’s MonoLift™ mast reaches greater lift heights (up to 17.145 metres) at faster speeds (up to 0.61 metres/second), enabling users to gain maximum benefit from every pallet location. The MonoLift mast’s high torsional strength and rigidity is achieved by constructing a closed section from heavy steel I-beams tied together with massive cross members to minimise twisting and sway. It’s the type of construction used on boom cranes with several times this lift height. And higher racking doesn’t have to mean longer cycle times or complex location planning. Crown’s TSP range delivers the throughput needed for inventory flexibility at any height.

MoveControl™ seat -safety, comfort and total control

The result of extensive ergonomic research, the operator’s space on the Crown TSP features integrated armrest controls for shift-long support and four seating positions for unsurpassed visibility and comfort while maintaining safety with precision control of all truck functions.

During picking operations, postural support for the operator is provided by a work-assist rail and side gates which need to be lowered for operation. Computer-controlled brakes automatically adjust for lift height and other key variables for better control and minimal mast sway; multiple compartments provide convenient storage for documents, tools and other operator needs; and safety-first floor presence pedals require the operators’ feet to be in place before the truck can commence work. There’s even a microcellular anti-fatigue floor mat to reduce the risk of discomfort and back stresses.

Quality and integrity

Over 85% of the components in Crown trucks are designed and manufactured by the company. State-of-the-art design, development and manufacturing facilities at various locations worldwide have earned Crown products an excellent reputation for reliability and advanced technology leading to real benefits in terms of high performance and low cost of ownership. And with 99% of the truck recyclable at the end of its life, Crown is among the leaders in environment-friendly products that meet – and in many cases, exceed – environmental legislation.

Full life testing under maximum load conditions guarantees long-term endurance. It’s not unusual to find Crown TSP trucks still going strong after over 80,000 operating hours. And while sheer strength is important, serviceability can have an even bigger impact on cost of ownership. Direct access to individual components without having to remove others is achieved by a carefully-designed layout, leading to improved serviceability and greater uptime. This is further enhanced by the front, side and top covers being designed for quick removal without tools.

Access 1 2 3®  and InfoLink® – control when and where it matters

Access 1 2 3®, Crown’s comprehensive system control, integrates every system on the truck and provides real-time diagnostic information for technicians to effect repairs and service speedily and return the truck to work in the shortest possible time.

Crown’s optional wireless data management solution, InfoLink®, gives decision makers intuitive dashboards summarising key operator and fleet statistics including battery usage, impact history, truck utilisation, service needs and more. It also identifies – via laptops or other mobile devices – opportunities for preventive action. Managers are therefore fully armed to tackle problems and tap into emerging opportunities as they occur, resulting in greater operational efficiency and better cost control.

Energy efficiency

Crown’s Regen Lower System, standard on the TSP 6500 and TSP 7000 Series, captures up to 15% lost energy and returns it to the battery during mast lowering. This results in fewer battery changes, longer shifts and reduced costs.



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