B&W Software Enterprises based in Belfast and London, have entered the Telematic business with  their Drive-Pro product for insurance companies.

Their managing director, Don Murray was responsible for building the acclaimed training, competence and compliance company WorkSmart Solutions, and he has now turned his attention to another facet of the insurance industry.

The Drive-Pro solution uses a simple to fit ‘black box’, recording driving behaviour every 5 seconds. The real trick is the analysis of the data, and B&W have carried out extensive tests for the last year.

Says Don Murray “our objective is to bring driver awareness as well as reporting to the insurance provider, thus giving everyone the option of being treated fairly from a premium perspective. We report on road condition awareness, aggressive driving behaviour and of course speed, one of the biggest causes of accidents. The driver gets a weekly/monthly report and can view his/her progress online”

Side benefits are the ability to recover a vehicle more quickly when a theft occurs, and accurate supporting evidence in the event of an accident caused by third parties.

Following in the pattern of his success with WorkSmart, Don aims to make this type of functionality cost effective for all concerned, bearing in mind the cost of this technology has been prohibitive in the past.

Don Murray can be contacted at 07841 335453.

B&W Software Enterprises ltd

Tel: 02890 511439


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