Following on the success of Astec Conveyors installations of hi-tech sortation systems at TNT Birmingham, Preston, Durham, Slough, Liverpool, Swansea, Edinburgh and Bellshill depots, Sales Director – Roger Pendleton confirmed the company had secured and completed a further project at the TNT Crawley depot.

As part of TNT’s strategy of improving depot operational efficiencies, the UK Network Development Team has adopted an ongoing evaluation of materials handling solutions for both existing and new depots. In reviewing the Birmingham and subsequent projects by Astec Conveyors, TNT acknowledged that the new reversible straight-line conveyor system had been extremely successful and would form the basis of MHS installations at all future new and retro-fitted depots.

Several companies were invited to tender for the TNT Crawley depot, which was the first of a number of planned sites. The tender specification required them to provide an overview of the potential system layout, operating criteria and adhere to a very strict time schedule for installation.

Astec Conveyors in conjunction with TNT, designed a concept based on similar principles as adopted at the previous depots, providing an effective reversible materials handling system which included new style patented high speed two stage switch units for the routing of products which can vary from large parcels down to small jiffy bag items at a design speed of up to 4000 units per hour.

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