THE Woodland Group has become the first UK freight forwarder to purchase and install a Westminster dual view cargo and pallet X-ray scanner  a state-of-the-art machine more commonly seen in the US.

The companys first WG IS1517 cargo and pallet X-ray scanner is already operational at Woodlands air cargo centre at Heathrow airport. Woodland is so impressed with the unit that it is now considering a second machine for the groups New York warehouse.

We believe that logistics providers will come under increasing pressure to ensure cargo is scanned from multiple angles and so we are delighted to be leading the way with the latest technology, said Andy Dennis, Woodlands Head of Air.

This purchase represents a substantial investment and highlights the importance that Woodland place on securing the global supply chain.

The WG IS1517, which is 7.9m in length and stands 2.9m high, is used to inspect cargo, pallets and large parcels and can accommodate a maximum load of 2,000 kg.

Peter Fowler, the chief executive officer of Westminster Group PLC, which supplied the machine, said: Woodland is the first UK freight forwarder to install Westminsters high performance, dual-view scanners which will not only increase efficiency but also give piece of mind that cargo has been properly screened.

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