Transdek, the lifting equipment specialist, is helping to improve the overall store efficiency of one of the UK’s leading home furnishing retailers by installing mezzanine floor lifts at outlets across the UK.

The 45 lifts are being fitted to new store builds, as well as forming part of an ongoing store refreshment program, where mezzanine floors are being incorporated to increase retail selling space and improve product storage capacity.

Each lift is tailor made to meet exact site specifications, with designs based on comprehensive site surveys. The Transdek design team then submits detailed CAD drawings to the architects, the customer project management team and main construction contractor, to ensure that each lift is ideally suited to the retail site.

The retailer has specified that all lifts feature either aluminium or ply-lined cars to protect products while in transit. Each lift is pre-built and factory tested prior to delivery and has a carrying capacity of one-tonne.

In line with the company’s philosophy of providing easy to install solutions, the lifts are surface mounted, ensuring there is no need for costly, complicated or time consuming on site civil engineering works. The robust chassis structure houses the lift car, which is powered by a unique electro-hydraulic motor and ram configuration, specifically designed for a low-maintenance operation.

As part of its commitment to continually enhancing products to deliver more value Transdek will be looking at further product developments in 2012.

Leon Butler, Operations Director at Transdek UK, comments: “Making the most effective use of retail space is more important than ever in today’s economic environment. By installing mezzanine floors companies can better utilise space and our mezzanine floor lifts are designed to provide cost effective, safe and easy access to these secondary storage areas.”

Transdek provides full operator training for each simple to use unit, which is installed and commissioned within one-and-a-half days. The units have control stations situated at ground and mezzanine floor levels, and all equipment is supplied with a range of safety features that meet current lifting regulations.

With installations throughout the UK, Transdek’s mezzanine floor lifts handle the movement of a wide range of products from mobile phones to double beds. A network of over 70 fully trained service engineers provides 24-hour emergency technical assistance 365 days-of-the-year.

Transdek UK Ltd

Leon Butler, Operations Director

Tel: 01302 752276


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