Standard software that allows pallet labellers to communicate directly with SAP factory management systems – drawing off label data automatically – has been announced by print & apply labelling specialist Logopak for its range of machines.

PC-based, Synchro-SAP software employs standard SAP web services for data exchange with the labelling machines which, as Logopak UK sales manager Steve Hancock points out, contributes to faster installation and reduced complexity.

“The new software provides a seamless link between labeller and factory or warehouse management system with no need for specific in-house expertise. This avoids the cost and time involved in writing one-off application software and ensures greater security.”

Two variants of the Synchro-SAP solution are available. The first uses a shared file created by the SAP system for Logopak Synchro-SAP to access independently, allowing the main factory system to operate without the need for constant communication with the labellers. This is used primarily where manufacturers have multiple lines, each producing a different product, and reduces the load on the host computer.

The second variant allows direct real time connection between SAP and the labelling machine and is aimed at installations where a single packaging line takes pallets from multiple production lines and pallets can arrive at the labeller in random order. In this case, Synchro-SAP connects to the manufacturing line PLC via the Logopak labellers to monitor the position and the origin of each pallet anywhere on the conveyor system, before making real-time requests for label data to the main SAP program, using standard SAP web services.

The first application of Synchro-SAP is now running at a major spirits producer in Scotland where label data is being sent on demand to three production line pallet labelling systems.

Logopak International Limited

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