A bullet-proof chilled storage area designed and developed by Seymour Manufacturing International (SMI) for use on the battlefield is now being used by supermarkets and food producers in need of low cost, high volume storage. The revolutionary CAT Dome can be deployed in approximately 20 minutes and has a wide and diverse range of uses.

Equally at home on a battlefield, where it can continue to function in spite of bullet and shell fire, it is perhaps more likely to be used by supermarkets or food producers where extra space is quickly needed when normal space is rendered out of bounds; insufficient in size, or at times of high demand or breakdown.

The SMI CAT Dome can be quickly deployed in a car park, warehouse, field, yard or similar area and provides additional space, (56 cu m and 88 cu m being typical increments), that can be chilled to 5 degrees centigrade, or below, via the use of a wheeled 13 amp mains supply evaporator or generator. By simply adding a click-together modular plastic floor, everything is up and running in an hour. The reverse process is just as quick: reverse the blower to suck, and the air in the beams is quickly evacuated. Importantly, once inflated the CAT Dome can stay up for up to four weeks without the need to re-inflate.

The CAT Dome is available in a range of sizes and cubic capacities to suit all industries, and as they are all modular, they can be added one to another in the same size range to increase capacity. The domes also share the unique technology of Tempro; the thinnest but most efficient flexible thermal material of its type in the world. The domes can accommodate lightweight Track-Rack shelving which efficiently stores food stuffs, medical products, blood, munitions, catering products, wine and beers – demonstrating their flexible range of uses. If needed, the domes can also be used as accommodation and conditioned via a heater.

Every CAT Dome comes complete in a bag with an inflation blower, repair kit, material and repair instructions to cater for this unlikely event.

Speaking on the launch of the SMI CAT Dome, SMI Chairman, Brian Seymour, said: “We pride ourselves on developing products that address real needs and which are versatile to meet the demands of a range of industries. Whilst our heartland is working with supermarkets and food producers, we also supply the SMI CAT Dome to the military and emergency service markets and look forward to furthering sales in these sectors both at home and abroad.

“Whether needed by a food retailer that has experienced damage to its regular storage area and is therefore in need of an emergency alternative, or otherwise by the military requiring storage to support its field hospital, the CAT Dome is reassuringly quick, easy and cost effective in challenging circumstances. The saying goes that a cat has nine lives – I believe our SMI CAT Dome has many more!”

Seymour Manufacturing International

Brian Seymour

Tel: 01952 730 630

E: enquiries@seymour-mi.com


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