Temperature monitoring takes a leap forward at foodex as Silvertree Engineering (part of the IMC Group Ltd) prepares to reveal its latest IceSpy innovation.

The IceSpy System5 is the most advanced wireless monitoring and alarm solution that Silvertree has ever developed, providing professionals in the food industry with an unrivalled insight into the temperature conditions in which goods are packed, stored and transported.

The system is a safeguard that not only reassures the supply chain that food has been stored at optimum temperatures but also helps inform efficiency initiatives to save energy costs by avoiding unnecessarily high or low temperatures. The results of monitoring can also be used as a basis for reviewing handling and storage procedures.

Running from 25th to 27th March 2012 at the NEC Birmingham, foodex is set to attract thousands of visitors from the food and drink industry. Silvertree is confident that the IceSpy System5 will be a big hit among manufacturing, processing, packaging and logistics professionals.

The system which records one-minute, 10-minute and hourly intervals can be used to monitor fridges, cold rooms, storage facilities and vehicles, alleviating the time spent by staff doing manual checks.

It consists of Scout transmitters which log, store and wirelessly send readings to a BasePlus unit where data can be downloaded to a PC, or to the internet or IT network for viewing. This has the added benefit of reducing the number of errors, alleviating audit stress and lessening energy costs.

With a battery life of up to five years and an external probe which can measure temperatures from -80°C to 140°C, the IceSpy provides food and drink manufacturers with the confidence that their products are not being subjected to unsuitable temperatures and ensures complete product quality.

IMC Group Managing Director Ian Robinson said: “The foodex event attracts some of the world’s leading suppliers from the food and drink industry and we’re really looking forward to being a part of it this year. The importance of temperature monitoring in the food and drink industry is imperative to ensure manufacturers and transporters are complying legally.

“Most importantly consistent temperature monitoring is essential to ensure that foodstuffs do not become dangerous to consumer’s health. We’re really looking to demonstrating the capabilities of the IceSpy System 5 at the event in March.”

For more information, please visit www.icespy.com or www.the-imcgroup.com

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