Apex Stainless Fasteners are fully operating from their new premises in Rugby following an installation of a Rapid Racking storage solution.

Apex Stainless Fasteners’ MD Paul Lower asked Rapid Racking, leading member of the SEMA Distributor Group, to design a storage solution for their refurbished warehouse with a newly constructed adjoining unit, in Rugby.

Rapid Racking’s Design team is accustomed to planning large or complex storage systems. Design Engineer Manager, David Jennings, visited the site to examine the stock, conduct a full survey, and determine to meet the client’s particular needs best.

Apex Stainless Fasteners are specialists in the manufacture and distribution of nuts, bolts, screws and other stainless steel fastening products. Paul Lower comments: “Our inventory is exceptionally heavy when bulk packed on pallets. When designing a system, David knew we required a very high capacity racking system”.

David specified a very heavy duty Adjustable Pallet Racking system, delivered directly from the factory and installed by a SEIRS qualified installation team.

David Jennings comments: “This high capacity system maximises available height and footprint and is carefully designed to work with the client’s forklifts. The arrangement incorporates drive-through tunnels with pallet storage above so no space is wasted.  Each bay of racking has a load capacity of nearly 30 Tonnes – significantly higher than many suppliers offer. Being a very high load to transmit into the floor, we worked with the customer at the building design stage to ensure the warehouse floor was suitably reinforced”.

The adjoining re-furbished building, where boxes of stainless steel fastenings are stored, was filled with Rapid Racking’s heavy duty shelving system, Rapid 1, installed to a height of 4m for access by mobile steps. Two runs of Pallet Racking were also fitted, guarded with anti-spill mesh to protect staff picking from adjacent shelving aisles.

Paul Lower adds: “When storing small parts, we risk losing valuable stock underneath shelving. David devised a solution to prevent this – I was pleased by this added detail.”

“We had not been asked for this before but I sourced some high density foam strips to fill the gap below the bottom beam. This compresses to follow the contours of the floor, hence stopping anything from rolling underneath” David comments.

With Work Stations and Packing Benches also supplied, Apex Stainless Fasteners are left with a complete storage and handling solution.

Rapid Racking

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