Hörmann has completed the installation of eight of their latest generation of insulated, high speed spiral doors, the HS7030, for Asda at their Yorkshire Cross-Dock in South Elmsall.

The original high speed level access door was developed by Hörmann, specifically to help Asda to meet very clear goals of minimising energy usage, in line with their commitment towards the environment, while increasing operational efficiency and maintaining their exemplary levels of safety at their Didcot distribution centre.

Created to replace the traditional two door solution of a high speed curtain door for frequent daytime access and a sectional outer door for night-time security, the original high speed minimised heat loss through level access bays by reducing the time the doors are open.

Completely re-designed, this new version is a technical leap forward by Hörmann since it uses CFC PU foam to give strength while also providing both additional thermal and acoustic insulation. Non-contact roll up technology means there is no wear on the door sections, maintaining appearance and allowing for the fast opening speeds, of up to 2.5 metres per second. Precise travel also reduces wear and extends operational life reducing operating costs.

The 42 mm thick insulation is the same as that used in the highly popular SPU sectional door, where a single panel has a thermal U value of only 0.5 W/m2K, giving a door a value of just 1.0 W/m2K. For a complete spiral door, with a surface area of 25m2, an impressive U value of only 1.95 W/m2K is achieved.

Unlike similar doors the double skinned panels are linked by hinges which add greater stability leading to even more reliable operation and increased service life.  Double glazed panels with Hörmann’s highly scratch resistant Duratec are also available for vision panels and natural lighting.

The new design is also sympathetic to damage repair with Hörmann estimating a damaged section can be replaced, by an experienced technician, within 30 minutes because of the specially developed profile connections.

As with all of Hörmann’s flexible high speed doors, the light grille, non-contact safety device, is integrated into the door frame. This innovative safety feature monitors the door opening from ground level to 2.5m high. If this array of light beams is broken the door will not operate. This means there is no need for additional leading edge safety devices or photocells.

For ideas on how you can save energy in your loading operations Hörmann has created the Hörmann Energy Saving Compass, a free modular planning tool available on the Hörmann website, www.hormann.co.uk. This guide examines the key aspects of energy saving that can be affected by industrial door systems and loading technology solutions. As well as being able to assess potential savings, the projected pay back time for any investment can be calculated for both refurbishment and new build projects.

For more information on Hörmann doors and loading bay solution:

Hörmann Group

Tel: 01530 516888

Email: info@hormann.co.uk


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