Caljan Rite-Hite lead the way in the fight for a better work environment within the logistics industry; their brand new telescopic conveyor is designed with employee comfort and safety very much in focus – which makes loading and unloading comfortable, and even fun.

Employees (un)loading trucks and containers can now work with better lighting, more comfortable temperatures and healthier working posture thanks to Caljan Rite-Hite’s newest telescopic conveyor, Caljan BeltTrack Comfort.

Statistics relating to accidents and work-related illness in the dock area of warehouses, hubs and distribution centres show that this specific area is one of the most hazardous. Not only is safety an issue, the work in this area is physically particularly demanding. Some of the factors contributing to these statistics are  the number of lifts each day, the weight of the items being lifted, the pace of work and a high turn-over of staff. Making the work environment safer and more comfortable for employees mean that management can not only minimize the risk of accidents, but also attract and retain employees, explains Jens Erik Langdahl, Product Manager at Caljan Rite-Hite.

Restoring a high level of job satisfaction

The new telescopic conveyors from Caljan Rite-Hite are designed specifically with a view to improving job satisfaction, employee safety and comfort. For example; automatic sensors register the light level inside the container or truck. If a poor level is registered, floor and front lighting is automatically activated. The conveyor is also equipped with a fan that circulates air, giving a cooling sensation, so that the operator can work in a pleasant climate. Additionally, it is possible to incorporate a variable working height feature into the conveyor, so the operator can elevate or lower the conveyor to a suitable height, so that parcels at the top – or bottom – of the container can be handled comfortably.

Our objective has been to design a conveyor that makes (un)loading a container comfortable and even fun. Instead of being a task no-one looks forward to, we want to restore job satisfaction by providing a work environment that is as pleasant and safe for the conveyor operator as that experienced by colleagues in the office, says Jens Erik Langdahl.

In pursuit of improved accident statistics

In addition to providing a high level of comfort when working, Caljan BeltTrack Comfort is also the safest telescopic conveyor on the market. Openings are guarded and all sections are securely closed so that parcels, clothing and body parts are not caught. The rounded nose means that operators can work without cutting or bruising themselves on sharp edges – and there is no resistance when parcels are placed on or removed from the belt. Furthermore, two operators can work together without compromising safety. All of which  Jens Erik Langdahl believes are condusive to reducing work relating illness and absence at distribution centres and hubs.

The safer and more pleasant the workplace is, the easier it is to recruit and retain employees. As properly trained, experienced employees are more aware of risk areas, companies with a safe work environment will be able to avoid accidents and the heartache and expense involved, says Jens Erik Langdahl.

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