Unique levels of protection for multiple tanker hatches and discharge valves.

Whitworth Bros Ltd, one of the UK’s leading flour millers, has installed the latest Manta Remote electronic seals on its core fleet of bulk tankers. This is the first time that an electronic seal has been deployed to protect multiple tanker hatches and discharge valves, and will enable Whitworth Bros Ltd to ensure that the highest level of food safety is achieved for every delivery. The Manta Remote has been developed and supplied by Unisto, the world’s leading supplier of reusable electronic security seals to the transport industry.

“We have worked closely in partnership with Whitworth Bros Ltd over the last five years to develop this unique solution which does, we believe, have the potential to make a significant impact on improving bulk tanker security worldwide,” commented Donald Miller, Sales and Marketing Director of Unisto.

The installation was carried out by Unisto and a central Manta Remote unit has been mounted at the rear of each tanker protected by a mudflap to help keep it clean.  Secure plug connectors installed on each of the top hatches and discharge valves link directly with the central unit to generate a single unique seal number when they are secured by the driver.

According to Mike Peters, Operations Director of Whitworth Bros Ltd: “The new Unisto electronic seal provides us with a significant advantage over our competitors by providing our customers with the confidence that we are achieving the highest level of food security when sealing bulk tankers. It allows customers to interrogate the electronic system and confirm the exact date and time that the tanker hatches and discharge valves were sealed. This far exceeds the audit traceability of the traditional method of sealing tanker hatches and discharge valves with plastic seals. The Manta Remote removes the risk of foreign body contamination when plastic seals are opened.”

The Manta Remote seals are also enabling Whitworth Bros Ltd to speed up deliveries and streamline administration processes by eliminating the need to manually fit up to six traditional plastic seals, each of which had a unique identification number that had to be recorded by the driver and checked by the customer at the point of delivery.

The advanced Manta Remote seal also stores data on the last 100 events providing a timed audit trail for detailed analysis of driver or tanker histories. This data can be downloaded via infrared (IrDA Interface) links using a small handheld unit with a USB connection that enables data to be exported using XML format for use in commonly used spreadsheet and database programmes.

To ensure that the Manta Remote electronic seals maintain maximum operational effectiveness, Unisto also provides comprehensive levels of support including ongoing maintenance and regular performance checks.

Unisto Limited

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Email: sales@unisto.co.uk


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