tesa® is launching a new range of high strength filament tapes suited to a variety of industrial applications, from palletising and bundling to end tabbing, carton sealing, transport securing and fixing.

The ability to resist breakage or tearing under tensile stress is one of the most important and measured properties of materials used in fixing, securing and sealing goods.

Offering excellent tear resistance, the new tapes are also the strongest ever to be produced by tesa®. Even if the tape is damaged on one side, the backing will not break and all importantly, the tape will hold objects tight and intact.

General purpose tapes, tesa® 4591 and tesa® 4590, are the first products to be launched. These PET film based tapes are suitable for use in room conditions <40°C and offer high backing stability and easier unwinding features in combination with a tensile strength up to 250 N/cm.

The premium tapes, due for launch later in the year, combine a high tensile strength up to 1000N/cm with unique adhesive properties designed to fulfil many challenging requirements, making tesa®’s tapes an essential tool where safety matters.

As part of its tesacohesion® programme and its commitment to customer service, tesa® offers onsite customer guidance to ensure the right filament tape is selected for the job in question to ensure goods are fixed and secured as safely as possible, every time.

Trading since 1963 under the Beiersdorf “banner” tesa® UK was formed in 2001 as a wholly owned subsidiary of tesa® SE. In total the business has more than 75 years of experience manufacturing adhesive tapes under the tesa brand name, including double sided, masking, protection, safety, cloth, duct and packaging ranges in addition to many products developed for specific industrial and consumer applications. tesa® SE is itself a wholly owned subsidiary of Beiersdorf AG, which is responsible for the NIVEA skin care brand.

tesa® UK’s prime markets extend from automotive, flexographic, printing, building supply, corrugated packaging, newsprint and paper production to painting and decorating. tesa® UK is the originator of tesacohesion™, the definitive programme of customer service and added value which involves: PEOPLE. PRODUCTS. PROCESSES. PERFORMANCE.



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