The demand for reducing your carbon footprint is an on-going issue in today’s environment, and of course business leaders are continually looking for ways to save money, especially in the current economic climate. This is why more and more people are switching over to LED lighting as a way of reducing carbon emissions, saving money and energy and INCREASING THEIR PROFITS.

In 2010, LED lighting was not that high on the agenda for factories and warehouses.  Sales in 2011 leapt dramatically and are becoming even more popular in 2012, with key factors of LED lighting bringing a reduction in energy, costs and maintenance, warehouse managers are highly enthusiastic at how these LED units can increase profits, maximise efficiency and create a safer and more pleasant working environment for their staff.

Many industrial areas currently use 400w metal halide or high pressure sodium lighting, typically requiring around 480w including their drivers, by replacing these units with 150w LED High Bay lights you reduce your energy consumption by up to 66% Not only that, they also require ZERO maintenance for life – you really can just “fit and forget”. With a whole long list of benefits, switching to LED lighting is seriously a “no-brainer”.

Having said that, the type of LED lights you opt for is a serious consideration, as with most things there are high quality British made units or knock off foreign imports. With so many reasons to buy good quality LED units, two main points to consider are: ensuring the engineering is top notch and ensuring the manufacturer is trustworthy. With there being slight controversy about the actual life-span of the LED light and doubt as to whether they do last the amount of time stated, the tested reliability and high quality engineering from the manufacturer should be right at the top of your checklist for comparison.

Interior Control Ltd (with 35 years’ LED experience) is a leading supplier for LED lighting in the UK. The LED units boast a guaranteed luminance of 80% at 60,000 hours and a 5 year manufacturer warranty from a £100million UK PLC. With a friendly yet professional service and products you can rely on, you should have no hesitation in choosing LED lighting from Interior Control.

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