QTS a leading manufacturer of wire mesh decks has launched a definitive new guide which makes it simpler than ever to specify the right wire mesh deck for any application.

The launch comes following a dramatic increase in demand for the easySHELF mesh decking range; a specifically designed system to suit the most heavy duty loadings to the simple picking areas required in today’s busy warehouse industry.

The Specifiers Guide aims to assist buyers through the specifying process of selecting the right easySHELF for the right application, i.e. choosing the smaller mesh aperture for smaller boxed items or designing a complete bespoke deck where additional support bars may be required.

Commenting on the launch of the new guide, Abi Owen, Operational Director adds: “developing this guide, we were determined to provide the kind of specialist information from a single source, to enable a more informed decision and overall superior quality decking system.”

Copies of the new guide can be requested from QTSs’ website www.qts-ltd.co.uk or by calling the sales office on 01455 633567.

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