Permaban will be revealing its latest innovation for the first time on stand M19 at the UK Concrete Show in Coventry, 22-23 February.

Permaban is renowned for its industry-defining armoured joints for concrete floors. Yet the company’s new product, branded Permaban Signature®, takes a very different approach from traditional joint armouring.

Signature’s unique half-hexagon shape prevents the wheels of materials handling vehicles from falling into the gap between the two edges of a joint. As a result there is no impact on either the joint or wheels, preventing damage and costly repairs to both. This ‘disruptive face’ technology has been popular in road bridge construction for many years, for that very reason.

Because Permaban Signature® provides smoother transit, vehicles can move over the joints more quickly, saving valuable time for warehouse operators. Signature also eliminates the ‘clunking’ noise often associated with vehicles passing over joints -simply because wheels do not impact on the joint at all.

The product was designed to address the challenges of directional traffic. This typically occurs in transfer and racking aisles, where vehicles pass over a joint at a 90o angle, causing the greatest impact. Thanks to its shape, Permaban Signature® offers smooth, fast, noiseless transit, regardless of the angle of approach. This means that even if the building’s use and configuration changes over time, with Signature the joints will still be fully protected.

Another unique feature is ‘full-depth’ corrugation – meaning that the joint is fully supported all the way to the ground, for maximum strength and stability.

The joint is designed to operate with gap sizes of up to 40mm, making it ideal for large-bay jointless concrete floors, and cold stores and freezer stores, where gap sizes are typically larger.

Load transfer between adjacent concrete floor slabs is accommodated by square dowel bars. These are supplied fully fixed into the product, to prevent problems associated with dowel misalignment. Dowel length has been carefully calculated by design engineers to ensure efficient load transfer is maintained even with a gap size of 40mm.

By eliminating the need for heavy joint armouring, Signature is lighter and stiffer than many joints – making it easy for operatives to lift, manoeuvre and install on site.

Permaban Ltd

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