Paragon Software Systems has launched its Olympic Planning Pack, which includes special map edits, filters and congestion profiles designed to help clients model and route vehicle movements during the London Olympic and Paralympic games. With this useful, free of charge pack for Paragon customers, Paragon is reinforcing its commitment to delivering useful software solutions that meet the demands of today’s logistics industry.

With only six months left to plan for the start of the 2012 Olympics – and the Paralympics beginning when the Olympics finish – Paragon is focussing on ensuring that its clients can minimise likely disruption to any London logistics operations. The pack will help with planning optimised delivery routes that avoid road closures and congestion from 27 July when the Olympics begin to the 9 September when the Paralympics ends.

Many Paragon customers have already begun planning their transport strategy for the games. This includes modelling routes and schedules that will service the anticipated demand for consumables and for managing changes to delivery times, unloading times and delivery frequency. For ease of planning, they will be able to use the special filters and congestion profiles that Paragon provides.

The software development undertaken by Paragon will help its customers to prepare for the disruption and challenges such as automatically identifying delivery points that may be affected and understanding where the likely areas of congestion will be due to specific road-based events. They will also be able to identify and exclude those sections of the network likely to affect their delivery operations so that delivery vehicles avoid them on the day of the event.

“There is still time available to model, plan and prepare for the impact that the Olympic Games will have on our clients and their distribution operations,” comments William Salter, Paragon’s Managing Director. “We are actively encouraging Paragon customers to use the added functionality we are offering with the free Olympic Planning Pack to help them with maintaining good service and allow them to enjoy playing their part in making both games a great success for the UK.”

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